What stock has CASH for its symbol?


Stocks in the Future teaches middle school students financial life skills and improves their investment in school. The three-year curriculum developed under Johns Hopkins University, introduces business concepts, expansion possibilities, reasons for taking a company public and ways to compare company performances. 

As students learn, they earn money by attending school regularly and improving grades. Earnings up to 80 SIF dollars each year enables students to purchase publicly traded company stocks that become theirs when graduating from high school and turning eighteen. Academic fundamentals are reinforced throughout.

This program:

·  Introduces business vocabulary, functions and concepts
·  Links students’ investment in school to high school graduation
·  Uses the Internet as a tool for diversified learning experiences
·  Alerts youngsters to marketplace conditions that influence business
·  Reinforces Maryland School Assessment (MSA) fundamentals
·  Supports Maryland State Department of Education’s financial literacy
·  Enhances exchange opportunities between parent and child
·  Introduces short and long-term investment concepts
·  Reinforces students’ control over their ability to succeed


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