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March 24, 2014

Coca-Cola: Healthier options, at-home vending machines, 2020

Coca-Cola Co. products consumers in developed countries are shifting away from sugary soft drinks and towards healthier options, creating losses in profits for the beverages manufacturer. Furthermore, Mexico, the world’s largest consumer of Coca-Cola products, recently introduced a tax on sugary beverages, discouraging buyers and further decreasing profit.

To combat the preference change for healthier options, Coca-Cola Co. has begun producing more tea, water, and juice products containing fewer calories and artificial ingredients. In addition to product diversification, it seems the market for Coca-Cola merchandise is preparing to expand with plans to develop home soda machines as part of the company’s “2020 Vision”, a roadmap for increased growth for the remainder of the decade crafted after a 3% decline in shares last year.

The plan is composed of six facets (Profit, People, Portfolio, Partners, Planet, and Productivity), pledging better performance in shareholder investment, workplace diversity, brand health, commercialization, retail growth, safety, and energy use. As of now, Coca-Cola's 2020 Vision aims for an annual income growth increase to about 6-8%.